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WS Basketball Club, Inc.

Congratulations To All Our 2018-2019 WS Basketball Club Players
Junior Blackshirts Boys Youth Basketball Curriculum

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Congratulations on making the Waukesha South Youth Boys Basketball teams!

Mandatory parent meeting is Sunday, September 30th @ Waukesha South at 3:30pm.

Player Registration

Upcoming Events
Bo Richter Offensive Skill Camp
    October 21st
Friday Night Madness Tournament
    November 2nd

Mission Statement / Philosophy Statement
The WS Basketball Club, Inc. is a select program whose purpose is to develop the individual and team basketball skills of its players in preparation to becoming a contributing member of the Waukesha South High School Basketball Team. It is the intent of the WS Basketball Club, Inc. to establish a broad-based talent pool of players having multiple teams at grades 3-8 whenever possible.

The WS Basketball Club, Inc. is an extension of the School District of Waukesha whose mission is, “to educate and graduate students by providing equal access to quality education with high academic standards that develops socially responsible citizens with the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for lifelong learning, higher education, and employment.”

All players of WS Basketball Club, Inc. teams will play in games. That amount of time is to be determined by the player’s effort, ability, attitude, and attendance at practices and games. Most importantly, the foundation of the WS Basketball Club, Inc. revolves around the development of genuine character. Each player will be taught valuable principles which will be instrumental in their lifelong success.

* WS Basketball Club has no affiliation with Waukesha South High School

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